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Seminars & Workshops

Bringing relevant & timely information in an engaging and results-oriented way!

As a frequently requested speaker and workshop facilitator I thoroughly engage audiences to interact with me personally, as well as each other throughout the presentation resulting in their increased enjoyment of the experience but more importantly each attendee receives the tools and knowledge to reach their goals.

As a speaker, I work with diverse groups including networking groups, professional associations, women's organizations and corporate clients tailoring each presentation within the topics of networking, LinkedIn, effective elevator pitch, body language in the business world, resumes and interviewing.

One of my favorite activities, and most requested, is facilitating seminars. 

Working with sales teams, financial professionals, college athletic teams, business owners, organizations experiencing corporate downsizing and more I create and deliver specifically designed seminars that provide straightforward, relevant information giving the audience the right tools and knowledge for immediate, effective implementation.

Sales Teams: Are you doing all the business you want to do - or can do?  Are you reaching the right market and more importantly, are they hiring you?  Learn how to fine tune your elevator pitch; utilize LinkedIn to build your business; develop and implement strategic networking strategies and create a personal brand in alignment with your organization to set yourself apart from your competition.

Financial Professionals: Banking, investment and insurance professionals all face tremendous competition.  Unless you have been handed that golden book of business it is important that you stand out and build upon your value to increase your client base, pipeline and revenue stream.  As a former Manager and Compliance Officer holding Series 7, 63, 65, 7, 9, 10, 26, Life & Health and Property & Casualty I understand the industry, the competition and the clients; more importantly I understand how to make the connections.  Learn how to utilize LinkedIn, networking strategies, elevator pitches and personal branding to stop surviving and start thriving.

College Athletic Teams:  Not just for your student athletes, these seminars benefit the college and university.  Athletes learn what to do now to improve their success in their current role and beyond as well as learning how to become a more polished representative of their university within the community and within their team.  

College Students:  Are you prepared for life after the degree?  Whether the audience is adult learners returning to school or young college students preparing for the real world for the first time learn how to determine how to evaluate the right job, utilize Informational Interviews to focus your job search, network to create opportunities and create/modify your resume toward your target job rather than describe your history.

Corporate Downsizing: Successfully navigate through the difficulty of letting employees go while maintaining positive image and communications within your organization and in your community.  Give your employees real world, relevant tools on creating the right resume, networking, transition strategies and interviewing tips.