Who Are You?

Do you know and more importantly, do others?

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For career Search, Advancement or Transition

Finding a job or advancing in your career is a job in itself.

Your time is valuable and easily wasted if you are not prepared.  To make matters worse, your competition

is fierce and plentiful - but you are probably well aware of this fact.

Preparing your resume for an external position or internal advancement can be frustrating or

overwhelming, and that is just in trying to prepare the opening!  How soon after you begin have you thought:

"I know what I want to say but I just don't know how to say it" 

       ~ or ~

"I think I am saying the right things but I'm not getting the response that I want" 

Your resume is not longer about you - it is about them. 

You need to answer their most important question, either What can you do for me? or How are you ready for this next level?

Descriptions are not enough - you have to demonstrate.

Writing your resume should be easy, right?  Who else knows you and what you do better than, well, YOU?

That is when you start the process and find the frustration or that you just do not have the time.

That is where we come in as your partner, resource and coach to help you successfully move in, up or on in your career.

WE implement the "V" formula:

Your Value + Your Voice = Visibility

We create the right content for your resume, LinkedIn profile, networking, interviewing and any business related

communication by demonstrating your value, maintaining consistency and building credibility.

Demonstration: Proving your value by going beyond stated duties, how you do what you do and the results.

Consistency: Maintaining the same value and message in all your communications.

Credibility: Earned when value is demonstrated and the written message matches the personal image.

These critical elements in the right combination will get you the visibility needed to reach the right audience for the best opportunity.

The Value we bring to you:

Free initial review & consultation ~ No pressure to move forward ~ Honesty ~ NO forms - period! ~ The focus is on YOU ~

Respect & Integrity ~ we tell you what you need to hear - not what you want to hear ~ A focus on strategy

Our Process

After the initial conversation we establish a time for the Informational Interview.  This is when we gather the most important information: your value and your voice.  This is always done over the phone.

A week later you receive your Working Draft Resume.  This is our new mound of clay - our beginning point - and where the fun begins. Yes, we do believe this is a fun and empowering process. 

This is your resume therefore it is important that you are involved.  The more you own it the more you will sell it.  We will guide you, advise you and coach you as your partner, resource and coach. 

We do not offer refunds because we do not stop working for you and with you until we get it right; we are that committed to our clients.

Once we have established the tone and direction it is time to move forward.  For the first opportunity you want to target we will finalize the Working Draft and provide a customized Cover Letter for that position.

Throughout the process we are here for any and all questions or concerns.  There is no limit on questions and there are no silly questions - ask away. 

We also provide LinkedIn profiles, business biographies, interview coaching, networking coaching and additional business communication at discounted fees in addition to your resume.

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