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Professional Athletes

making the most of where you are and

successfully transitioning into the corporate world

Admired by many with pressures and challenges that few understand - a professional athlete faces challenges that most do not know or understand.

While in your sport you are judged not just on your athletic ability, but by the presence you present off the court or field.  Positive perception is more critical to you than any other professional.  Under the eye of public scrutiny it is imperative that your presence is real and honest without sacrificing your personal identity.

My focus in on integrating your professional and personal success by fully focusing on you as an independent coach. 

We also work on life after sports - what do you want to do, how are you prepared, what steps are necessary and what effective steps can we take now to make that transition as seamless as possible. 

As your personal coach I provide straight-forward advice and assistance telling you what you need to know, not what is in the best interest of anyone except you with personal accountability, respect and confidentiality.

Contact me to set a private conversation to begin the process of improving personal success and establishing the steps for life after the applause.