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Who Are You?

Do you know and more importantly, do others?

Lisa K. McDonald, Principal & Owner Career Polish, Inc.

Executive Resume Writer, Career / Brand Strategist & Career Coach

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website! I hope you have found useful

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I founded Career Polish as a firm dedicated to helping clients navigate and succeed

in the overwhelming, frustrating and confusing world of career transition, whether

breaking into an industry, changing careers or moving up in a career. 

My philosophy is simple: tell my clients what they need to hear while providing the

right tools and the knowledge of how to effectively use these tools empowering

them to succeed based on their definition of success.

I am not your typical coach or speaker. I am straight-forward, have a positive outlook

on all situations, non-judgmental, absolutely love what I do and have a penchant for

effervescent witticism - i.e. sarcasm

To be transparent, I do not accept every client.  Some do not need me and some are not ready to take full advantage of services offered.  This is why I offer a free initial consultation, to take the time to review where you are, hear where you want to go, offer suggestions and together determine if we should move forward together.

Some things you should know before we set that initial call:

« There is no pressure to move forward.  The initial consultation is imperative for you to get a sense of who I am, how I communicate, how I approach your situation and if you feel comfortable with me as your career partner.

« I do not use forms or questionnaires. Let's face it, if all it took was filling out a form, you would not need me in the first place; also it is a shortcut to wordsmithing and I do not do that. 

«The focus is you - finding, rediscovering or defining your value.  I help you polish it and sell it in a way that best suits you and your goals.

« I treat every client with respect and integrity - I do not judge an individual based on their past or present.  My clients range from C-Suite executives, senior management, military, athletes, reentry, career changers, college students and front line employees. Every client is deserving of respect and that is what they receive.

« I tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. You engage me with expectations of professionalism and expertise. Fluff is not beneficial. I am straightforward in a positive and supportive way to challenge and empower you to reach your goals and definition of success.

« We may not agree.  This is not a bad thing.  I am not the coach that tells you that you have to do it my way because I am the professional and I said so. I will listen to your concerns and ideas and offer guidance and suggestions to build a brand that is comfortable and effective for you, this means compromise and engagement are important.

Here are what some clients have said about working with me and Career Polish:

"A little powerhouse that you don't see coming, but you are sure glad she is there!"
"I have a great coach backing me up"
“Very personable and energetic in addition to being very knowledgeable about what she does."
“She knows what she is doing.”
“Takes the time to listen for details.”
“Takes a fresh approach to career search activities...conducts business in a very professional manner and with the end result always in mind.”
“A talented and reliable partner or service provider.”
“The real difference with Lisa is you can trust her. She is as honest as the day is long.  She knows what you need to know and is expert in imparting that information.”

I have been featured in many articles, publications and platforms including, The Huffington Post Women, The Grindstone, The Indianapolis Star,,, Good Morning Indiana and The Indianapolis Business Journal (

I have the pleasure to speak to and facilitate workshops for a wide range of

organizations including EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, National Association of

Insurance and Financial Advisors, Inc., National Association of Women Business

Owners, Social Media Dames Unconference, Business and Professional Exchange,

Passport to Employment, as well as numerous college and universities; financial,

banking and insurance firms, sales teams, executive leaders, management

teams, administrative teams and service organizations.

Prior to founding Career Polish, I spent nearly a decade in the financial industry responsible for and trained in management, leadership, recruiting, coaching, development and compliance for Fortune 500 and small companies including Merrill Lynch, Prudential and McDonald Investments/Key Bank. I held several series and licenses including 7, 63, 65, 9, 10, 26, Life & Health and Property & Casualty.


My direct approach is a result of an amazing father and raising boys. I am the

mother to a twenty-something year old son, step mom to three boys and

a daughter, second mom to many of my son's friends, step-grandma and the pack

leader to a misfit crew of dogs.  My dogs are our office dogs. You might hear them

in the background if there is a delivery or random hot air balloon nearby. Really,

one barks at hot air balloons, I still have not figured that one out!

I am a huge fan of baseball, chocolate, wine, shoes, inspirational

quotes; am an avid reader, walker and nature lover.  I am fortunate to be a

part of impactful and amazing organizations that support, encourage

and empower women, cancer survivors, military and business professionals.

I wish you much success in your endeavors!