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LinkedIn profiles

An important business tool

"I am on LinkedIn but really don't do much with it."

"I don't really know why I am on LinkedIn, someone suggested it so I signed up but I don't know what to do with it."

Sound familiar? 

What is the value of LinkedIn - visibility, connectivity and increased opportunity. 

Right now it is estimated that 25% of the planet is wired on the internet, through tablets, smart phones and other devices; within the next 3-5 years it is expected that 75% of the plant will be wired.  This means in the next three years an anticipated 3 Billion new people will come on line.  The question is will they be able to find you? 

Three billion new people with problems or needs that you can solve! 

Having a profile will allow them to find you - but the next question is - will they want to connect with you?

This is where the V Formula comes into play:

Your Value + Your Voice = Visibility

Whether you are job searching, in sales or a business owner it is imperative that your audience finds you and then wants to connect with you.

Your LinkedIn profile should demonstrate your value, maintain consistency and building credibility.

Demonstration: Proving your value by going beyond stated duties, how you do what you do and the results.

Consistency: Maintaining the same value and message in all your communications.

Credibility: Earned when value is demonstrated and the written message matches the personal image.

These critical elements in the right combination will get you the visibility needed to reach the right audience for the best opportunity.

Your LinkedIn profile should serve as a compliment and additional layer to all other business communication.  Simply coping your resume or business bio into your profile only serves to tell your audience that you have nothing more to offer.

With resumes and business communication you are speaking at an arm's length to your audience; you never really know who might be reading it therefore, you present yourself in a professional, assumed first person distance stance.

With your LinkedIn profile you are speaking directly to the person who is reading your profile.  It allows you to add your personality, your passion and your value at another level. 

The trick is - you have 2,000 characters to do this in your summary.  Impossible? No!  Although it may seem to be when you go at it on your own.

I work with my clients in the same manner as the resume when composing their LinkedIn profile:

Informational Interview to gather the most important elements: your voice and your value.

Provide a working draft for us to review together to make sure we hit the right mark.

As many revisions as needed to get it right.

Finalization of the entire profile.