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Corporate Downsizing

Moving forward

Downsizing can be an incredibly difficult period for an organization and its employees. 

Managing the transition is vital for the health of all parties. 

Utilizing a professional to provide assistance to downsized employees providing them

with the right tools and information to move forward is a critical first step in maintaining

a positive reputation within your community, industry and internal environment. 

It sends the message that your company cares and is vested in its employees even

during unforeseen events and critical financial considerations.

A critical factor in managing this process is utilizing the right professional.  Employees

need real world information, guidance and support, which is not something that can be

delivered adequately by access to generic online forms or questionnaires.

What is most effective is to have a professional on site speaking directly to their questions, fears and expectations while providing impactful guidance, professionalism and expertise regarding resumes, job searching, networking and interviewing.

That is what Lisa K. McDonald does for your company.

Whether working with a group of downsized employees or individually with executives/key staff, Lisa delivers customized solutions for your needs and theirs.

Services range from group presentations with access to follow up support and information to individual career coaching and personalized resume writing and career coaching. 

The first step is the initial consultation to determine the needs of your company and its employees.  Upon engagement Lisa will personally meet with executive leadership, management and/or Human Resources to gain an understanding of the situation from internal concerns to managing the exit process, explain the customized solution plan and discuss expectations.

Contact Lisa today to begin the process of moving forward for your organization and its employees.