Welcome to the   Strategy  of Personal Branding

Developing an authentic brand gives you two things: liberation and power

With 20 years in leadership, development and coaching, we know how to bridge the gap

between where you are to where you want to be.


Executive Resumes & LinkedIn, Career & Brand Coaching 

Creating Dynamic Brands for Career-Purpose-Passion Harmony

Who Are You?

Do you know and more importantly, do others?

Take Control

Of your image and your career.  Personal branding is about creating the image you want, how you want others to know you and describe you to others.

The liberation is in being free of that "bragging" feeling. When you create your personal brand and it is communicated effectively, you are not bragging - you are telling your story leveraging facts to demonstrate your value.

An authentic personal brand empowers you to align with what you want, have opportunities find you and connect with people you want in your network.

What we do

We work one-on-one with our clients discovering, re-disovering and aligning their personal brand with their authentic self. We get past the "I don't know how to say this" and "I'm not getting any responses" to a value based core that easily translates into resumes, LinkedIn, networking, business bios and leadership.

Learn why it is so hard to talk about yourself in a way that does not feel like bragging and how to incorporate "selling" yourself without the sale just by being you and telling your story - in a way that resonates with those who need to know you!