Lisa K. McDonald

Working with Career Polish - a National, career services and coaching firm

What we do, what to expect and what we are not

What We Do

  • Provide what our clients need during their career transition with personalized services and coaching.
  • Offer expertise in resumes, LinkedIn, networking, interviewing, negotiations, leadership, influence, presence, relationship management, business communications and more.
  • Dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our mission of providing support, coaching and expertise to elevate each client to their desired level of success.
  • Determine what services are needed on an individual basis, which may include one item or a combination of services offered. The determination is made by both the client and Career Polish, this is a partnership.
  • Present workshops and seminars on a full range of topics from resume writing, networking with purpose, leadership, executive presence, engaging your target market, managing dynamic teams, utilizing LinkedIn for the greatest business return and interviewing.
  • Work with individual clients one-on-one, teams and organizations.

What To Expect

Respect ~ Professionalism ~ Support ~ Encouragement ~ Coaching ~ Communication

Transparency ~ Honesty ~ Dedication ~ Commitment ~ Confidence ~ Integrity

In working with our Principal, Lisa K. McDonald, you will find an executive coach, resource and writer who fully

supports your goals providing you with a straightforward approach to communication, personal branding, writing,

coaching, listening and plan development.  She expects her clients to be engaged in the process, ask questions

and - as she puts it - have skin in the game.  If she feels you are on the right track with your existing material,

she will tell you and not accept the engagement.  .

We Are Not

  • A same day resume service, this is not a 24 hour word-smithing operation.
  • A cookie-cutter operation using forms and questionnaires; you received personal, one-on-one communication and service.
  • Here to tell you what you want to hear, we are here to tell you what you need to hear..
  • A resume mill.  We select and accept engagements on a limited basis in order to remain consistent in our commitment to our clients delivering dedicated, quality service, coaching and support throughout their journey.
  • A placement firm.  We remain consistent to our areas of expertise and feel it a conflict of interest to try to be all things to all people.
  • A standard one-size-fits-all service.   
  • The right fit for all clients. Our services represent an investment in your career, made by you and Career Polish. We are not the firm to hire if your primary criteria is price.