A few words from clients:

Executive Resumes & LinkedIn, Career & Brand Coaching 

Creating Dynamic Brands for Career-Purpose-Passion Harmony

"Lisa is THE BEST! I had come to a stage in my career where I didn’t really know what to do or where to turn for help concerning my next step. In her intuitive, personable and unique manner she helped me help myself in designing a new and clear vision of not only exactly where I wanted to go, but how to get there. Thanks Lisa!" ~ Rod, Sr Project Manager / Account Manager

"We started out by having a conversation about me and my aspirations. Lisa turned it into something that was tangible, which became the position of a life time for me." ~ Jay, Healthcare

What we do

Work one-on-one with our clients discovering, re-discovering and aligning their authentic self to their professional and personal goals. 

Get past the bragging feeling and lead you to tell your story in a comfortable, confident and impactful way.

Help you eliminate excuses and get happy in your career again.

Have a lot of fun along the way - we really do love what we do and working with amazing, passionate, purpose-driven professionals!

Welcome to the   Strategy  of Your Career

Telling your story the way that you want it understood - that is personal branding. 

An authentic brand developed and communicated consistently across your resume, LinkedIn, interviewing, networking and professional reputation gives you liberation and power in your career.

Whether you are seeking to advance to the next level or take a new career direction we can help. We empower professionals and executives by identifying their value and voice and integrate it across all their communication tools: resume, LinkedIn, interviewing, networking, leadership style and communication. We specialize in career branding for our clients to realize:

  • Increased visibility to achieve their desired level of success – promotion, transition or increased impact
  • Synergy between their value and their image
  • Greater influence, presence and communication effectiveness
  • Business results through effective and efficient networking
  • Stronger client relationships resulting in increased pipelines and revenues
  • Results

With 20+ years leadership, development, coaching and recruiting we bridge the gap between where you are to where you want to be.

How can we help you today?

"Lisa, your resume help and bio guidance has forever changed my career trajectory forever... A ton of great things have happened since, and now I am living the dream." ~ Bill , Director

"Lisa and I spent approximately 45 minutes on the telephone, discussing my professional experiences for the last few years. I was amazed with what she was able to take from that conversation and then communicate on paper - she is phenomenal! I have received numerous compliments on the content and layout of my resume, and recently had a recruiter ask for Lisa’s contact information to pass along to her clients." ~ Brad, CFO

Take Control:

- of your image and your career.  Personal branding is about creating the image you want, how you want others to know you and describe you to others.

- of your confidence. Liberation is in being free of "bragging". When your personal brand encompasses your value and voice, you confidently tell your story the way you want others to understand it, which gets you noticed. You become the in-demand candidate. 

- of your power. An authentic personal brand empowers you by aligning what you want to the career and networking opportunities you want.

Who Are You?

Do you know and more importantly, do others?

"In a word, Lisa is Amazing!  After working for a company, under many different owners, for 28 1/2 years, I was honestly clueless on my next step. Due to a very uncomfortable corporate buyout, I needed to move on. Lisa and I spoke in a very comfortable manner over the phone and from the information that she pulled out of me, wrote a resume that was beyond anything I could ever imagine. Completely truthful resume, but written in a way that I couldn't have imagined on my own. I actually gained more confidence in my own abilities and drove me to seek a new position with strength and resolve. I have now found a position that I am so happy with. I enjoy going to work each day, knowing that I'll be stretching myself into new areas.
Lisa is a fireball and I am beyond glad that I have worked with her now and in the future.
Let her show just how strong you really are in your knowledge and experience." ~ Brian, Systems Administrator